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Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018

I am delighted that one of my images has been commended by the judges in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and has won a place in the Awards book and at the London exhibition. I am constantly striving to improve my landscape work and there lives within me a constant need to prove myself to myself. This sort of accolade from time to time certainly helps stave off the self-doubt and is the third year an image of mine has been included.

“Sailing an uncertain sea” was taken on a trip to Suffolk in June this year. I was at Shingle Street where, after taking a few stock shots for the photo libraries, a curve of shingle jutting out into the sea and being washed by the small waves appealed to me. I knew straight away that a long exposure would make an appealing image. Offshore a yacht was sailing south and the idea came to incorporate this into the image and so 12 minutes later, when the yacht had reached as close to me as I felt it would come, I switched to the longest focal length I had with me to make an image with the boat sharply rendered; the two were then combined in Adobe Photoshop.

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"Sailing an Uncertain Sea"