British Landscapes in colour and monochrome.
I am available to give talks to photographic societies and other organisations including U3A groups. These are illustrated by projected digital images (PDI) for which the club must provide the digital projector, screen and a cable suitable to connect my Apple MacBook.

Talks to photography clubs are charged at PAGB rates and are available to clubs within a reasonable travelling distance from November to February inclusive. Longer trips and talks at other times are by agreement. 

I bring the talks on a MacBook Pro and present them through Keynote. Clubs must provide a digital projector with cables/adapter to suit the MacBook output - preferably HDMI or Thunderbolt.
Photo Club Programme secretaries please see the PAGB guidelines on booking lecturers.

Unfortunately I have suffered too many instances where clubs have not provided such basic information as address of venue, time of meeting etc. so please complete and return a booking form within 21 days of your initial enquiry at which point the talk will go into my diary.

All talks are regularly updated with new content, talks last about two hours including a coffee break. The following talks are currently available;

British Landscapes in colour and mono - an evening's tour around Britain, get your juices flowing for trips to the beautiful areas offered by our country. Lots of tips on techniques for landscape photography; hopefully we will all learn something.

Flat but not boring - pdi A photo tour of East Anglia.

Infrared Monochrome Photography - a look at digital infrared photography, principally landscapes, including choice of conversion etc.

Urban photography - pdi talk looking at cityscapes, architecture, street photography; in fact pretty much all the opportunities that exist in built up areas.

Light is Everything - pdi talk which starts off looking at the work of Belgian pictorialist Leonard Missonne who said "Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything." We then go on to look at many different kinds of light and hopefully see there is no such thing as 'bad light'. This talk is designed to make relative beginners in photography think about the ways light can be used to enhance their photographs and introduce some mood be it restful or dramatic. 

Birds, Blokes, Blooms and Britain - Basics of Photography - a look at some of the types of photography and the equipment and methods employed. A guide for beginners.

NEW for 2019/20 season.
20 miles from home - pdi talk examining the photographic opportunities that exist close to home. Illustrated with images from within 20 miles of my home.​​​​​​​

Thank you!
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