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Following Talks
November 2018

Hi Bill, really loved the presentation last night you did for us at the Walsall Wood and Brownhills camera club. 
Have looked at the pictures on your website today, and can honestly say they are some of the best landscapes I’ve ever seen. You are quite right, light is everything. 
Thanks for a wonderful evening. 

February 2017
Dear Bill
On behalf of the members of the Sileby Photographic Society may I thank you for your talk and digital presentation on “Digital Monochrome Methods”. What a great evening you gave us, with some very striking mono images, which as you showed us started out, as rather flat RAWs, on a very soggy day, but this does suite mono well in a lot of cases. And to go with great images you gave us the method to create such images. I must say mono is one of my favourite types of our great pastime; one can take an ordinary image and turn it in to a piece of art.
Once again many thanks and we hope to see you again soon
Yours Faithfully
Richard Storier, Secretary 

December 2015
Hello Bill,
As I drove home last, I thought I must send you a note of thanks, for a thoroughly entertaining and inspirational evening.  Well, it seems my friends and colleagues have done the job for me! It's only 10:00 am and already I've had a flood of emails saying how much they enjoyed your talk.
Here are some of the comments:-
"I don't think I shall become a landscape photographer any time soon (already too many camper vans on the road) but what a refreshing view on photography shown by Bill last night. He seemed to confront and break all the conventions to great effect. Also what a genuinely nice guy he was."
"Bill is an engaging speaker with a refreshing attitude to his photography.
His images were pretty good too!!"
"Completely agree that he was an excellent choice of speaker. Some stunning images, all from the UK, and within reach of all of us."
I couldn't have put it better myself.

So, thank you very much - from all of us at Stratford Photo Group - and I wish you and your wife a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. I hope 2016 presents you with many more opportunities to produce beautiful photographs.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Peter Gilbert, Programme Secretary, Stratford Photo Group
MCPF Small Club Champions of the Midlands 2015
Following Commissioned Shoots
Received 28th February 2018 
re shoot at Greenwood Days in the March 2018 magazine.
Hi Bill, thanks for the lovely email. It was the photos that made it!
Many thanks for your patience and good company on the day, and the great shots. Made me look almost human.
I very much hope we can work together again
All best
Fergus Collins, Editor, BBC Countryfile Magazine

About the book
Hi Bill
Thank you very much for your book. Very well put together and I am really enjoying the read.
Pete R
Hi Bill,
I have been making my way through the book, it is exceptionally detailed information that will give great information to those that study it.
Kevin W
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